It was established in December 1997 to serve the people living below poverty line and was registered under society registration act XXI of 1860, FCRA & 12.A; 80G 5(VI). The territory of Society is whole Republic of India. The main area for servicing the Society is Literacy, Health, Environment, Rural development & Self employment. All the members of Managing committee, Core team & Faculty members are well educated, established in their own field & well determined to serve the mankind.


Our Team & their Collective Experience

The organisation has a team of people of different capacities & skills so that the the problems could be answered with multimensional view & with holistic approach. We have some very experienced person with a lot of direct field experiences especially as researcher & trainer. The organisation doesn’t believe over the dogmatic & static approach that only academic degree can be a proof of the capacity of a man although most of our members have the degree of MSW or they are masters in humanities. We have collected people from different fields & professions so that their Capacities & knowledge can be used to form a collective & holistic approach in dealing with the problems of the community. Thus Doctors, Advocates, Engineers, Management Experts, Teachers & academicians are associated with us. The Capacities & collective experiences of the people associated with the organisation listed below.

  • RRA/PRA/APR/AA/PLA/PUA/PALM tools & methodology.
  • FAST & SARAL Communication tools.
  • LFA & PA
  • SCBA
  • Development of Indicators.
  • Pre-testing of the project campaign.
  • Impact assessment of the project.
  • Evaluation & process evaluation.

Core Team

The Organisation has a core team for the over all co-ordination of the activities under it. This core team have three members at this time but the number of the member of the core team is not definite & it can be altered according to the need of the time. All the decisions regarding the management of the work & personnel have been taken by the core team with accordance of the rules set in the constitution of the organisation. Short introduction of the core team:

1. Virendra Kr. Srivastava

Being founder member of the society, sri Srivastava is think tank. He has experience of different social work like literacy, health, women empowerment, environment & working closely with Govt. of U.P. on several issues like Panchayati Raj & Gram Swaraj.

2. Mr. Avinash Kumar

Avinash has spent several years in the most remote villages of M.P. in order to understand the lives of the people at large. Professionally an advocate he is formed to the cause of Human Rights. Decentralization & empowerment. During 4-5 years in M.P. he has learned several key elements of social mobilisation & participatory methodology (PRA & PLA). As a researcher & trainer he worked for the institute of social sciences, New Delhi, DANDIA, SIDA, UNICEF ad-etc-action, world Bank, EDA Rural System, Debate, Swasth Sampada, Lupin, Blackstone market facts. Action aid, DFID, BBC World Service Trust, NACO, All India Radio & Doordarshan.

3. Sri Surya Vikram Prakash Pankaj

Sri Pankaj is a Master of Social work from University of Lucknow. Pankaj has very rich experiences in implementation of water & sanitation projects. He has worked in Indo-Duch project for CPU as a Social Scientist. He has worked as District Co-Coordinator in the baseline study of DFID supported WATSAN project.

4. Md. Naeem Khan

A well known businessman & social worker of Sidhartha Nagar, Mr. Naeem is closely associated with the society & serving the poor & BPL. He has a rich experience of gender violence, female literacy, health & environment.

5. Shri Nand Kishore Srivastava

Shri Nand Kishore Srivastava retired Additional Director of Agriculture, U.P. is a expert in care and conservation of land and water resources. He was awarded for International Soil Conservation Conference on 7.9.1996 at Born, Germany whilw representing India.