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  • Accelerated female literacy. The project was founded by Ministry of HRD, New Delhi & surprised by SRC, Lucknow.
  • Women empowerment programme(WEP) by Mahila Kalyan Nigam.
  • Women training program (NORAD) by Govt. of India through U.P. Mahila Kalyan Nigam.
  • Running a fully equipped hospital by KSS named RANA Hospital in Gorakhpur.
  • At present to society is forming self help groups in block, mall, Malihabad in district Lucknow, Triveniganj, Ramnagar in district Barabanki and Nowgarh in district Siddharthnagar. Need based training is being provided to SHG’s.
  • In village Nizamabad of district Azamgarh training is being given to artisans for black pottery.
  • The Block Nawgarh of District Siddharthnagar fallowup of Literacy Project is running after successfully completing accelerated Female Literacy Programme.