• To provide education ( primary to higher ) , vocational training for self employment & Technical / Medical Institutions for the people living below poverty line.
  • Setting up & maintenance of Charitable Hospital, Training Centers, Diagnostic Centers, Charitable Mobile Hospital & to provide awareness against HIV / AIDS, Pulse Polio & RCH.
  • To promote / organise projects / schemes aims all rural development & improvement in general and of the economically & socially handicapped.
  • To create environment awareness.
  • To organise the artisans clusters into SHG’s/ co-operatives with a view to enabling them to take up economic activity for sustainable development.
  • To improve education & socio- economic conditions of the SC, ST & minorities.
  • To play a pro- active role in regard to women empowerment programmes in rural/ urban areas.
  • To provide educational & vocational training centers for persons with disabilities.
  • To sensitise & familiarize the urban/ rural population of the immense advantage of IT sector & implementing training programmes & project based on IT.


  • A world without poverty in which everyone can exercise his/her right to a life of dignity.
  • To contribute to build India where all people can gain access to education health care employment opportunities and every Indian can realize their full potential.
  • A world in which all people be able to exercise their right to right.
  • A world in which all children realize their full potential in societies, which respect people’s right and dignities.


  • To empower and uplift the status of women by home their saving abilities and creating a mean of sustainable employment and social security in their lives.
  • To eliminate available blindness & vision improvement.
  • To help individuals to achieve their full potential.
  • To work with poor and marginalized to eradicate dhdhd overcoming the dhdhd and dhdh that cause it.
  • To work with others to find lasting solutions to overcome poverty and suffering.
  • To achieve lasting improvement in the quality life of depressed children